Investment Committee Member

Zara brings 9 years of global experience focused on creating significant value for private, public and non-for-profit companies across all stages of business life cycles, from early stage startups to growth companies and multinational enterprises. Her experience spans a wide range of sectors, including Fintech, eCommerce, Cleantech, Mining, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Transportation & Principal Investments.

In her current role at Westpac, Zara has led multiple New Venture developments and the sourcing and execution of Fintech investments & Partnerships. She has hands-on experience working with Startups from Silicon Valley, UK and Australia and is currently a Lead Mentor at Stone & Chalk, advising the management team of two resident startups on a wide range of topics.

Prior to Westpac, Zara has worked in UBS Energy & Infrastructure Investment team in London, UK and as a management consultant at Monitor Deloitte in Canada. She also has extensive experience in financing, procurement & execution of public-private-partnership deals in North & South America.

Zara holds an MBA from London Business School and a Master’s degree in Earthquake Engineering (first class honours) from the University of British Columbia.