We look for businesses with a clear competitive advantage and the ability to scale in their sector globally or nationally.

We look for diverse industry and sector focus, but where the investment is of a high quality in growth segments, with a disruptive approach, and a strong team.

We invest from Seed, Start-up (pre-revenue, but traction) and into Early Expansion phases across Australia and Asia Pacific. We expect that 60-90% of our investments will be in the early expansion stage of development, with the remaining 10-40% in the earlier stages. This provides a balance of risk and reward for our investors.

We generally invest between $100,000 - $5 Million.

20% of our investments will be outside Australia, whilst remaining compliant with ESVCLP requirements. 

We look for strong equity positions and back this up with board representation and protections for shareholders.

But ultimately, we look for businesses with strong exit potential, where we can work with the management team to build success.